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Reblog if you have made a friend online that you would love to hang with, but they live far away.



Got too many of them!

But dating one I met online and hung out with one of my followers here! Anything is possible! :)

hell, i’d like to have some of my online friends come hang with me and my friends in real life

Ditto! Did manage to meet up with Retriever II and Greliz though, and all the awesome guys at NEACF for the annual BBQs, but too many of my friends are too far!

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push to talk pikachu doll

  • finimun:

    EA has been shooting themselves in the foot with Sims 4

  • finimun:

    I just. They originally built it to be an online social game and then had to scrap it

  • finimun:

    And then they have the gal to push for preorders

  • finimun:

    it may as well be 'preorder live scorpions'

  • Techokami:

    I would rather have the scorpions myself

  • Techokami:

    less painful to manage than Origin

  • Techokami:


  • finimun:

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