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Friday is going to be the worst

Smash comes out, but I have a long shift at work that day that starts at 6AM (so I have to wake up at 4:30AM) and I don’t get out until 1PM. So I can’t stay up ‘til midnight to purchase on eShop and have it download, you guys are all going to pound the eShop servers throughout the day and weekend, and I didn’t preorder a physical copy because I actually prefer the convenience of digital.

I might not be able to play it on Friday!


Video’s up on youtube now. It may still be processing so tread with care.

This video is my interpretation which is completely correct on how sakurai chose characters for Smash, and why Rayman and some others aren’t in it.

For the record though, I never really expected Rayman to be in it in the first place. Would’ve been nice though, since they did get that sweet trophy model.

My neighbor died

So one of my old neighbors came by today with her newborn baby, and was having trouble getting her stepfather’s attention. My dad ran behind the house and went in through the back door to find him unresponsive, drooling, and stiff.

He was gone by the time he got there, paramedics and other neighbors who work in the medical field were unsuccessful at saving him. :(

RIP Bill, you were a cool dude.



15 years ago, the Dreamcast came and gave us a dream of the future with experiences we’ve never seen before. In its short lifespan, the diversity of games it delivered was incredibly vast and interesting and its legacy can be felt even now. Thanks for everything, Dreamcast.

To celebrate, I’ve curated a special playlist of memorable songs from DC titles: the “DREAMCAST ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ~the playlist dreams eternal~”. If you want to submit songs for the list, feel free to tweet your suggestions to me.

2013’s Dreamcast tribute was here, if you want to see. And here’s 2012’s Dreamcast tribute.


The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain is a little more ambitious than most edutainment games, if generalized in scope. It tackles the subject of brain functions, trying to expand players’ minds in comprehension, logic, spatial cognition, and linguistics. These minigames still hold up years later without cramming the educational aspects down your throat.

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain is fun because of its educational premise. That may be the highest praise an edutainment game can get.

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